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Odds to Win AL East: +2200

Birdland Champs
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Why'd I Place this Bet?

Last year, the Baltimore Orioles were 21-30 after 2 months of baseball. From June to the end of the year they played to a 62-49 clip. They were next up in the American League and they had their reinforcements on the way in the form of Gunnar Henderson, Grayson Rodriguez., and John Means.

The biggest reason I placed this bet was because of the length of the odds and frankly, Vegas had an incredibly poor understanding of the American League East. The Reed Sox and Yankees were no threat whatsoever. The Red Sox were and are a directionless mess. The Yankees showed who they really were in the 2nd half of 2022, which was exceptionally mediocre. After a nuclear April, May, and June, the Yankees were a losing team from July to the end of the year. They also got worse from 2022 heading into 2023. The Blue Jays are perennial underperformers but the advanced number always have them projected to be better than realty. Tampa was the team I was most scared of. Kevin Cash is a great manager and they just will never die. Glasnow returning was also a major boost to them. The opening day pitching staff of McClanahan, Springs, Rasmussen, Eflin, and an opener until the return of Glasnow was a scary rotation to consider, and obviously the talent of Wander Franco and and company was considered.

Overall there was risk, especially with Toronto and Tampa in the division, bit I was confident that Baltimore could carry their momentum from 2022 into 2023.

How'd this Bet Win ?

Well, The Yankees and Red Sox stunk out loud as I predicted. Toronto underperformed their roster considerably, and have had a player they had in their future plans go AWOL in Alek Manoah. While Tampa started off the season with a nuclear April and May, they played like a normal good team from June to the end of the year. They Lost Drew Rassmussen, Jeffery Springs, and Shane McClanahan to Tommy John surgery in 2023, which obviously caused them to not be as dominant. They also have lost Wander Franco to him being an awful human being. Funnily enough they've been better since he was removed from the roster. But all of this lead to a win, even with Tampa being within striking distance for most of the year.

However, I did not expect ultra consistent baseball that lead to the best record in the American League. Shouts Birdland for giving me something to root for in what was a miserable year for the. Also +2200 hits pretty damn well.

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