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Detroit Lions(-3.0) @ Los Angeles Chargers

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys(-17.0)

New York Jets @ Las Vegas Raiders UNDER 36.5

San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jaguars(ML)


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Detroit Lions(-3.0) @ Los Angeles Chargers

DK -105

FD -108

The Lions are coming off a bye and are healthy. The Chargers have been the beneficiaries or playing against Tyson Bagent and Zach Wilson and have been able to take care of business. The Chargers defense is going to be mauled. This is the exact type of nightmare matchup for them that will lead to Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco getting canned. I love this best bet for the Lions, just a perfect game for them.

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys(-17.0)

DK -17.0 -110

FD -17.5 -105


This was when the Giants were healthy and had a twinkle of hop in their eyes. Now they have Tommy Devito starting and the offensive line is somehow worse. The number doesn't scare me at all because there's nothing more that the Cowboys love than to absolutely flatten bottom feeding teams. This feels great.

New York Jets @ Las Vegas Raiders UNDER 36.5

DK -110

FD -112

This is sicko football. This is the NFL equivalent of Rutgers @ Iowa. This game is awesome and I hope for some high comedy from it. Hammer that under and I hope we get at least 1 safety out of it.

San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jaguars(ML)

DK +142

FD +142

The line makes no sense to me and feels like the public has not caught up to reality. The 49ers are getting Deebo back, which will make them better, undoubtedly. Big Trent Williams is struggling when he's on the field right now and that makes their offensive line arguably the worst in the NFL. For 3 weeks in a row prior to the bye, we saw 3 very different defenses find different ways to shut down San Fran. The Browns did it by moving Myles Garret around and creating havoc with exotic fronts and disguises. The Vikings broke Brock Purdy with Brian Flores breaking out his entire blitz bag and confounding the 2nd year player. Then the Bengals did it by winning 1 on 1 up front with Trey Hendrickson and DJ Reader ruining the day for the Niners. This was also helped by the fact that Logan Wilson and Germaine Pratt are good enough to make the middle of the field undesirable.

All of this was to line up what I think will happen in Duval. The Jaguars defense is awesome. They rank 3rd in DVOA behind only the Browns and Ravens. Their secondary is a legit no fly zone and the combination of Tyson Campbell and Darius Williams will slow down Aiyuk. The middle of the field is where Purdy is his best but unfortunately, the middle of the field is full of Andre Cisco, Devin Lloyd, and Foye Oluokun. Even if Trent Williams plays, and if he does he will be a shell of himself, Josh Allen will be able to bend around him and if the Jaguars are smart they'll flip him over to the left side to abuse Colton McKivitz. I don't even know if a hobbled Trent Williams can handle the raw athleticism that Travon Walker brings. It could be bleak offensively.

On the other side of things, the 49ers have a play caller and secondary problem. Steve Wilkes is fine, but he's not DeMeco Ryans as a DC. Tashaun Gipson, Deommodore Lenoir, and Isaiah Oliver are getting abused byu good offenses. Charvarius Ward is a quality corner and Talanoa Hufunga is one of the best box safeties in the NFL, but that has not been enough to not get got by good receivers. Where this game will be decided is the trenches. The Jaguars OLine has been passable and the coaches are aware of the weak link in RT Anton Harrison. The good news is that Brandon Scherff is a pro's pro and should be able to help him out and mkae sure he isn't beat on stunts. The issue is going to be whether or not he can block Nick Bosa enogh times to allow for big passes down the field. Another big matchip decider will be the run game. The 49ers have a great pass rushing front 4, but they are not as great against the run and that is no good against Dougy P and Travis Etienne. I can really picture a patient game plan for Jacksonville that takes advantage of where the 49ers are weak defensively, along with Jacksonville continuing the trend of good defenses frustarting Purdy.

Also it's a west coast traveling eats for a 1PM game and weird s*** happens in Duval County

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