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The Hoodie

With the last Sunday upon us, it's only fitting that every game gets a best bet. Let's rock.

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints UNDER 42.5

DK -112

FD -118

Two good defenses. Two bad QB's. Good ole fashioned hate between these two teams, and I can't wait for a rock fight. Both teams have real chances of having new coaches, and new QB's, so hopefully we get a performance of the ages that reflects that.

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals: JOE MIXON ANYTIME TD

DK -130

FD -120

Joe Mixon has it in his contract that he will earn $100k if he scores two more touchdowns. With both teams having nothing to play for in terms of playoffs, look for the incentives to be hunted.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots UNDER 29.5/30.5

DK U 29.5 -110

FD U 30.5 -124

In what is in all likelihood Bill Belichick's last game as at minimum GM of the Patriots, at most his last game as head coach of the organization he helped forge into the standard for all professional sports, it could not end in a better environment. In a Nor'easter, against the Jets, with two horrible offenses going up against two stellar defenses. Can't get any better than this. Let's hammer the under one last time, for sickos who love this nonsense.

Jacksonville Jaguars(-4.5)

DK -110

FD -115

If Jacksonville is serious, at all, they'll whomp a Tennessee Titans team that's sole goal is to get DeAndre Hopkins his incentives. They need to show me that they are serious and everything about their numbers, especially with Trevor in the lineup, suggests they are serious.

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions(-3.5)

DK -108

FD -108

The Lions are going to kill the Vikings. Coming of a loss they cover the next week in the Dan Campbell era. They also need to maintain as high a standing as possible in the NFC playoff picture and getting a win against a battered Vikings team is the way to do that.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(-4.0/4.5) @ Carolina Panthers

DK -4.0 -110

FD -4.5 -105

Tampa wins and is in. They're experienced. They have a much better roster. They should clean up here and host a floundering NFC East Team.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Commanders OVER 46.5

DK -115

FD -112

Even with Dallas playing worse on the road, I can really picture them covering the over on their own if they feel like it. They need to win to maintain the division. Even if they don't feel like it, Sam Howell has played spoiler to the Cowboys before, and it'd frankly be hilarious if he did it again.

Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers OVER 41.0

DK -110

FD -115

I know it'll be mostly backups. But Sammy D and Carson Wentz have shown basic NFL competence in their careers. That number is just far too low for offenses as potent as these two teams have, especially when their are records and incentives at stake.

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants(+5.0/4.5)

DK +5.0 -115

FD +4.5 -110

Until proven otherwise, there is simply no reason to ever touch the Eagles. They need to thrash a team in the wild card round to earn some trust back. Tyrod is capable and you don't even have to be capable to beat the Eagles these days.

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers OVER 45.5/45.0

DK -108

FD -110

Two young QB's who are balling at the end of the year. One team looking to play spoiler and exercise demons and another looking to make the playoffs and start their next era off properly. Should be electric, high quality football. The Packers defense is also bad. That'll help things.

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals(ML)

DK +124

FD +130

Seattle has been so bad away from home. They can't be trusted. Especially against a Cardinals team that's looked really solid down the stretch. Teams with everything to play for going on the road to a team with nothing to play for but pride and spite is dangerous, and I'm here for it.

Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders UNDER 37.0

DK -112

FD -118

These offenses STINK. The defenses are pretty good, the Raiders defense you could say is downright impressive. The Raiders have also beaten the Broncos 7 straight times but their offense is too inconsistent for me to bet on at this point. If this goes over it'll be because of defense and special teams doing the most.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers UNDER 35.0

DK -105

FD -114

The AFC West is no fun and stinks out loud.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins UNDER 48.5

DK -112

FD -110

The Bills are a Jekyll and Hyde offense, and have been dreadfully inconsistent away from Orchard Park. Miami is a much more consistent team, and a dominant one at home, and I think they'll win. I think it'll be because of their defense and a frustrating Fangio scheme that halts Buffalo. Miami is likely going to be missing Jaylen Waddle and Raheem Mostert, which will obviously hinder their track meet. Nothing will be more 2023 NFL than the last regular season Primetime game cashing the under.

Thanks a million to everyone who read this year, can't wait to do it all again next year.

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