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Here's my personal Mock Draft! I don't do any trades and these takes are based on everything I've learned and what I think Teams will do. Round 1 is right here!

The top 3 picks are pretty self explanatory. The league is driven by the Quarterback and the top 3 all need Quarterbacks. Passing on a QB past JJ McCarthy is signing a "Maybe 2026 is our year" and that's not how good franchises with all their relevant picks operate. That's what a Texans that mortgage everything on Laremy Tunsil do. That's what the Broncos are currently doing since they simply do not have the draft capital or cap space to be functional. You also just have to listen to what a team is telling you too. The Commies signed Marcus Mariota and the Pats signed Jacoby Brissett. You have a team signing a vet that uses his legs in a Spread Offense context and a team signing a big arm vet from North Carolina(State) that is the same height and weight as Drake Maye. Agents and sources go crazy, but sometimes all you have to do is listen to what a team is telling you by how their football operations are going about their business.

After the top 3, I think MHJ ends up with Kyler in Arizona. Perfect fit for MHJ and he'll immediately elevate the Cardinals' offense.

At 5 I was really debating between Joe Alt and Rome Odunze. The Chargers needs both, but I think with the Keenan Allen trade, they really need to make sure Herbert has an Alpha DAWG on the outside and I think Rome would be considered generational in any other class.

The Giants are stuck with all of that Danny Dimes contract on the books, so I think instead of swinging at QB way too early again, I think they'll start laying a foundation. Joe Alt is a stud and should pair well as a bookend with Andrew Thomas.

The Titans are fascinating because they're a team I can picture trading down, but with my rules for this mock, sticking and picking Malik Nabers to give Big Bill Levis a burner and put some stress on the opposing defense is the move. Nabers will immediately improve the offense they way MHJ and Odunze will. They're all unbelievably great receivers and it would not shock me if they're all considered top 5 by their 2nd contracts.

I think Atlanta is going to take a corner and it will either be Cooper DeJean or Quinyon Mitchell. I'm leaning DeJean because the new return rules will make him even more valuable than he already is with his DB skills alone.

A lot of mocks have the Bears just taking Brock Bowers or manipulate the board to get them Odunze or Nabers, but Ryan Poles values both sides of the ball and will look to make sure Caleb has short fields. Jer'Zhan Newton is a plug and play starter that will wreak havoc next to Montez Sweat.

If The Jets don't take Fuaga, Fashanu, or Fautanu, they're the single most uinserious team in the NFL. If any of them are available, they need to take them. The reason I like Fuaga for the Jets is because he's a monster that plays even bigger than his 6'6 334lbs frame. They needs someone to change the tone of that offense and it sure isn't going to be anyone on the team or coaching staff.

If JJ doesn't go to the Vikings I don't think he'll succeed. He isn't some super duper amazing game manager but even better than Brock Purdy, he's an incredibly raw prospect that has flashed legit NFL arm talent and playmaking ability. He needs to get reps in at the QB position in an incredibly friendly environment. Kevin O'Connell as his coach, Christian Darrisaw and Brian O'Neill as his tackles, and Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison to throw too as as kid gloves as it gets and that's what McCarthy needs to develop properly.

I have no idea what the Broncos are doing but if I were them I'd take a sure thing player and Laitu Latu is a pretty damn sure thing. Technician's on the edge translate well and Latu is a exactly that.

The Raiders and Saints should go tackle back to back, and I can see them taking either of Fautanu or Fashanu in any order. It's just tream preference at this point.

Quinyon Mitchell is a freak. He's a monstrous athlete that understands coverage schemes at a high level. He should be able to play outside on day 1 with no issues. It'll level out a shaky Indy secondary and provide Kenny Moore with a true outside presence to play with.

Seattle needs pass rushing. Turner does not have the height of the other great EDGE's in prior draft classes, but he has the everything else. He's very, very raw, so getting to Mike MacDonald in Seattle would be phenomenal for him ,especially since the schemed up pressures will provide him with 1 on 1's against tackles that can't handle his bend.

The back half of the 1st round starts with Terrian Arnold landing in Jacksonville. They desperately need more cover guys so that they can become a more complete defense that can generate sacks with coverage, not just Josh Allen.

Brock Bowers is not Gronk. He's the best possible version of Kyle Jucyszyk. I think that Tight End is incredibly difficult to predict and is entirely dependent on their surroundings. Bowers could not land in a better spot than Cincy. He can be moved all around the LOS and force single coverage across the board.

The Rams need a presence in the middle of their DLine, and there's none bigger than Byron Murphy. He's primed to be a beast for a long time and that's exactly what the Rams need in a post Aaron Donald world.

The Steelers desperately need a better offensive line and the best available at this point is JC Latham. Pretty straightforward.

The Dolphins desperately need a better offensive line and the best available at this point is Graham Barton. Pretty straightforward.

The Eagles had an awful secondary and they need somebody that can immediately provide some help. Wiggins having elite speed and overall burst with a 6'2 frame is what the need to have some immediate improvement in the Fangio scheme.

The Vikings having taken their QB of the future at 11 leaves them with a need to think about the defensive side of the ball. They could address any level of the defense, but I think Brian Flores could deploy Kool-Aid McKinstry exceptionally well.

The Cowboys absolutely have to give CeeDee Lamb a running mate and AD Mitchell is that guy. He's a perfect option to help the offense find it's groove.

The Packers could use somebody who can steady the front. Amarius Mims is a monstrous human. Match made in heaven.

Jared Verse is a great ball player that can play day 1 on any front. The Buccaneers coudl use more presence off the edge and Verse being a local guy won't have to travel too far.

The Cardinals have the opportunity to really bolster the offense by getting JPJ and MHJ in the same draft. Getting Kyler a day 1 center and day 1 top 10 wideout in the same draft would be a major coup.

The Bills need a receiver. Brian Thomas is a big body burner that will be able to run under Josh Allen. Pretty great pick if they decide to go that direction.

The Lions really need to pair Aidan Hutchinson up with another EDGE presence nad the best available is Adisa Isaac. From Nittany Lions to Lions for him.

If The Ravens don't trade back, they'll stick and pick a deep threat receiver. The best available is Troy Franklin. He's got decent size, but the vert and 10 yard splits are dynamic and he ranks very highly via RAS. He should provide a threat downfield and create space underneath for Mark Andrews and Zay Flowers.

The 49ers secondary, especially once Hafunga went down, were not quality. They need youth at that spot and Mike Sainristil should be on the board for them to draft and deploy as they need.

Patrick Mahomes need a Tyler Lockett to infuriate the AFC with for the next 5 years and boy woulf Ladd McConkey fill that role perfectly. It'd be comedy really.

SO anyways, that's my mock, have some fun with it!

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