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Best Bet 10/5/2023

Chicago Bears @ Washington Commanders(-6.0)

DK -108

FD -110

NFL Best Bet Season Record: 16-10


Montez Sweat
Yahoo Sports

Starting right off the bat, I had a good month, unafraid to say it. Most of my best bets have been obvious hits, but hey sometimes you just need to hit a single up the middle.

Where I was able to make some money was on a couple of smart money line picks. That 1st game of the season Lions nail biter that happened to affirm my belief that these Lions are different. There likely going to be one of my favorite favorites several times down the road. Also Tennessee vs LAC is such a cvoaching mismatch that I had to take it.

A couple of stinkers I had was all that blind faith in Vrabes against Cleveland. That was a poor evaluation in the roster gap between Cleveland and Tennessee. I also should have known that the Chargers and Vikings would have found a way to go under when all signs screamed it should have gone over. Other than those two bets.

Now heading into week 5, those Bears stink and I really don't think Washington is getting enough credit. Their defense is a little weak on the back end but the front 4 is monstrous, and they're facing a poor Bears team in all aspects. I don't trust anything an offense does against Denver and the only time the Bears have functioned is against Denver. I think Washington's defense has underperformed ever so slightly but facing a functioning Denver offense, Buffalo, and Philly will make a defense look worse than in actually is in week 5 of the NFL season.

Sam Howell is doing his best David Carr impression and that's not tenable. He does need to do a better job of making quick decisions, but ultimately I think it doesn't matter against the Bears defense. The OLIne has performed better week over week and the weapons are very solid. I expect the Commanders to cruise to win through a good offensive performance and a return to form defensively.

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