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3 More Best Bets for the season, let's roll

NC State @ Purdue OVER 146.5

DK -110

FD -110

Vey rarely does a matchup of "David vs Goliath" actually live up to its billing. NC State is smaller, none of their guys have the pedigree of anyone on Purdue, and they had a poor regular season. They are led by the affable David Burns Jr and his silky smooth post moves in a massive body. He can put the ball in the bucket with the best of them. They're fun and good and a true Cinderella story.

Goliath is 7'4 and does not care about fairy tale endings. Goliath has 3 point shooters everywhere and they move off ball very well around the center piece of the offense. Goliath moves his feet on defense and by sheer presence alone impacts shot selection. I think Purdue wins this game in a high scoring affair. NC State can score the ball, but I don't know if their defense can hold up against a true post threat, which they have yet to face. I think they can keep it close, but ultimately a game in the 70's is where I think we're heading.

Alabama @ UConn(-11.5)

DK -110

FD -114

It's UConn. I'm not betting against them until they give me a reason to. Mark Sears is awesome. Bama can score the ball better than anybody. It's different when Triston Newton is blitzing you off the 3PT line and forcing you into Cling Kong. They could do it, but I don't think they can defend at the level needed, and don't have the NBA talent at multiple positions needed to play that kind of offense and survive against elite teams.

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