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Best Bet 8/10/2023

Freddie Freeman OVER 1.5 Total Bases

DK +100

FD +100

Best Bet Season record 15-14

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Freddie Freeman rakes, this has been a known thing in his career. What's crazy is that he's having his 3rd best season by fWAR if it ended today, meaning that with about 50 games left he is going to have his best season yet. Slashing He's slashing .344//420/.598 for the season. That .598 is what we love because that means he's totaling at least 2 bases almost 60% of his hits. Freeman has 48 multi hit games this season as well, good for 2nd in all of MLB. He leads all of MLB in doubles with 42 on the season, and is tied for 19th in home runs with 23. We also don't have a slap hitting, honestly pretty lucky sort of hitter with an average that's way too high for their expected numbers. Under the hood is crazy.

Freeman against a soft throwing AAAA player????? Recipe for a Best Bet win.

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