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Best Bet 8/4/2023

New York Mets @ Baltimore Orioles(-1.5)

DK +114

FD +115

BSB +115

Best Bet Season Record: 11-12

Karl Merton Ferron

Getting back in the win column can be as simple as a Best Bet on the best team in the American League. The Orioles are 67-42 on the season, and more importantly, they're 66-42 ATS. They're sickos. top 10 in offense and pitching for the past month. 6-4 in their last 10, 13-7 in their last 20, and 18-12 in their last 30. Only behind the Braves and Astros who are both 20-10 in their last 30. My first ever post talks about how good this team is. Their starters get them, to the bullpen and the game's over. Here, have a Gunnar Henderson Baseball Savant page, as a treat.

Now a near guarantee typically comes with the fact that the good team is playing the bad team. #FrankWasRight

The Mets are 50-58 on the season and 42-66 ATS. They sold at the deadline and are a dead team walking, meandering to the end of the season.

They're trotting out David Peterson to eat innings. He's got a 5.92 ERA/3.41 FIP/1.62 WHIP/24.2 K%/9.0 in 62.1 IP. It's not his fault. He just has to deal with it. Under the hood isn't much better. I will give him credit for being an extension king and using the 6'6 frame he has, but man, it's bleak.

Even if you don't believe in me, believe in Baltimore, they've been the best team in the American League since they called up Adley Rutchsman and they are cover machines.

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