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Best Bet 9/15/2023

Atlanta Braves(-1.5) @ Miami Marlins

DK -105

FD -106

MLB Best Bet Season Record: 27-28


When you're on a loser, you go back to basics. There's nothing stylish about betting on the Braves. There's no fun heater to chase. There's no cute baseball savant page to bring up to show off how good a young player is going to be and hoping he flashes, a la all of my Bryan Woo driven bets. This is Best Bet on a hammer, an they're up against their nail.

The Braves are 9-1 against the Marlins in 2023. They are outscoring them 80-29 in those games, for an average score of 8-3 in said games. Tonight the fish are throwing out their weakest arm in Johnny Cueto. The vet has only tossed 41 Innings in 2023, but he's got a 6.15 ERA and 6.62 FIP. It's even bleaker since Cueto isn't doing well keeping the ball in the yard, with only a 33.8% groundball rate. That's not good against a a team that's hit more home runs than anybody.

SO yeah, rock solid bet, let's hope we make some money.

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